Duncanville Soph. nails it, “If you would just get up and teach them instead of handing them a freakin packet, yo. There’s kids in here that don’t learn like that.”

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The Jeff Bliss situation has really highlighted some problems inherent to the system on multiple levels.  This video from 2013 shows Duncanville, TX student Jeff Bliss telling off his teacher for being lazy and teaching by “handing out packets” rather than “touching hearts.”  While this video is a bit old it has been getting some play again recently as more and more people speak out against standardized tests.

The first thing I thought about this video is wow, here is a sophomore standing up for his beliefs regarding education and how awful for the teacher to respond by saying “Bye.” over and over again.  After some research I found some other things that were interesting.  Firstly  Mr. Bliss was an 18 year old Sophomore due to initially failing 9th grade and then dropping out.  I thought it was very impressive that he decided to go back to school but I think that he should have been enrolled in an alternative school or adult education classes rather than just going back to High School where he would be 3 years older than his classmates.  The school system could have done a better job setting Mr. Bliss up to succeed after his change of heart regarding his education.  Instead they take the path of least resistance and end up alienating him.

I think that the fact that the teacher didn’t even think about handling the situation, reinforces his opinion that she is lazy.  A good educator would have seized this as a teachable moment, perhaps discussed with Jeff the realities of teaching in this age of standardized testing, offered to help him find additional help, or at the very least offered to bring an administrator in to have the discussion rather than just booting him from class.  I think its ironic that he is trying to teach her, and she thinks he is “wasting her time”.

The again, during this Follow up interview with Jeff , the self righteous superintendent tries to make us believe that the teacher cared so much about the student she went to the principals office and worked it all out, and Jeff returned to class.  But that doesn’t really jive with Jeff’s statement that she was trying to cover her butt, or the fact that she was suspended.

In an unrelated note, about 18 months later a teacher from the same school resigned after inviting “dumb duck ass crackers” to kill themselves.

What do you think about Jeff’s monologue, or the way the school handled it?