Fort Wayne teacher is sued for allegedly disciplining student for not believing in God.

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churchstateIn a lawsuit filed in June, a Fort Wayne Elementary school teacher is accused of disciplining one of her students over his comments on religion.

The second grade student, identified as A.B., was asked by another child if he went to church.  When he responded that he didn’t because he didn’t believe in God, the other child’s feelings were hurt so they reported the hurt feelings to their teacher.  Their teacher ordered A.B to sit alone at lunch for three days and not talk to other students lest he offend them as well.  Additionally, another school employee told the girls with the hurt feelings, with A.B. present, that she should be happy she has faith and that she doesn’t have to listen to A.B. s bad ideas!

For two adults employed by a school system to publicly shame and ostracize a second grader because he has differing religious beliefs is unconscionable!  The school district released a statement in August, two months after the lawsuit was filed, referencing a supposed investigation back in March:

Our investigation in March found she acted appropriately in dealing with an issue between students in a significantly different manner than detailed in the lawsuit. As a school district, we feel we must defend and protect the reputation of our staff when members are being unfairly maligned.

I’m going to be watching this one to see if the kid and his mother are full of it or if the school system is.

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