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Irving Student Arrested for bringing home-made clock to school


And the hits just keep on coming folks!  According to this story in the Dallas News, a fourteen year old boy who invents things with spare parts at his home, decided to bring a homemade clock to school to show his engineering teacher.  When the clock’s alarm went off in another class, his English teacher took the clock and said it looked like a bomb.  Ahmed told her it was a clock but she kept it anyway.  He was then pulled out of a later class by the principal and a police officer.  Now to this point I don’t have a problem with the way the incident was handled, there was a concerned teacher, the principal got involved and further involved the authorities to get to the bottom of the situation.  But its what happens next that got me so pissed off I couldn’t even post this on the blog yesterday.

Ahmed was lead to a room where four additional officers waited to interrogate him.  I’m not sure of the laws in Texas but I would think a parent or attorney needs to be present prior to this kid being questioned.  That’s strike one.  Ahmed maintained the device was a clock.  The police stated that he wouldn’t give additional details, what more could he say.  “Its not a bomb, its a clock.”…”you sure its not a bomb?”…”No, look at it, Its a clock.”  Then the principal threatened to expel him if he didn’t make a written statement.  Strike two.  Then the kid is handcuffed, led from the school in front of his peers and teachers by two officers, and arrested for possession of a “hoax bomb.”  Strike Three.  Then they take him to Juvenile Detention and fingerprint him.  Strike four.

I’m not going to add additional comments to the fact that he is Muslim, as many in the local community are, because none of the above should happen to ANY child.  According to the family Ahmed was also suspended for three days.  There has been an absolute social media firestorm with his sisters creating @IStandWithAhmed to which President Obama, MIT, GE, Mark Zuckerburg, Twitter, NASA, UT Austin, and others have extended invitations to visit, and NASA has awarded him a Space Camp Scholarship.

I’m not big on litigation, but if this were one of my daughters I think I’d be speaking to a lawyer about teaching the school system and the responding officers a lesson in stupidity.


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  1. Reply Shanne 15/09/17

    Seems that the authority in most states forget that we have rights the other problem is that society has become stupid to their rights and dont exercise them. I would have sued so many people because of this outlandish mistake by the school and the police. Its nothing more then narrow minded people with stupid fears that cause these things to happen. Im so pissed off right now makes me want to take a trip to tex just to tell them off.

    • Reply Shawn 15/09/17

      In my opinion you are right on in that assessment. We don’t know all the facts but at the end of the day this kid should never have been arrested. Period.

    • Reply Shawn 15/09/23

      I think it’s funny that you are starting to see all these conflicting views about the kids motive and his parents associations. They are just trying to cloud the issue that freedom was trampled on by these police.

  2. Reply Natalie 15/09/20

    Photos of the clock make it clear why some folks may have been concerned. Here is a link to an article from another viewpoint.

    • Reply Shawn 15/09/20

      I have no problem at all with the device causing concern, but if they thought it was really a bomb they would have evacuated the school and called a bomb squad. They arrested this kid because he brought something they thought looked like a bomb to school. At some point this zero tolerance garbage has to stop.

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