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Seattle teachers go on strike, City claims no more money.

Seattle teachers are on strike, so 53,000 children are out of school for the second week.  Can we all just agree that the system is broken beyond repair?  In the land of Microsoft, Google, and Amazon…do we really need to continue sending kids to brick and mortar schools that fail them in every measurable way?

Lets set the table here:

Seattle has been one of the fastest growing cities in the US over the past few years, adding tens of thousands of high tech, high paying jobs.  A quick search on www.glassdoor.com finds Google and Boeing paying between $100k and 170k depending on experience.  The cost of housing is skyrocketing in Seattle, the mediam rental price is nearly double the national average.  I would imagine that the tax base is exploding, just as school enrollment is.  SO where is the money?

A recently opened elementary school in Seattle had 1/2 of its classroom footprint in portable buildings on day one; Vastly overburdening the facilities such as cafeteria and lunchroom, while having no library, before or after school programs, computer lab, music room, art room, or preschool.  Ill give you one guess as to whether this school is in the high or low income area of the city…

In 2007 the annual decline ended and since 2008 Enrollment has jumped by 7000 students, and they are projecting 60k students by 2020.

So now the teachers want to see some salary increases in line with the new cost of living in the neighborhoods where they teach.  According to this story:

The city is having a housing crisis because more than 40 percent of the new jobs in the region are with Amazon or Boeing, and their starting salaries are twice as much as an experienced teacher, Seattle City Councilmember Nick Licata said.

“That means the people who are educating our children are finding it difficult to live in the city where the children they teach live,” he said.

Now lets recap, you have a city that is swimming in new jobs, high wages, new tax money, and a phased in Minimum Wage hike to $15.  At the same time teachers who average $67k per year to teach in overflowing classrooms for 6.1 hours per day over 9 months say they cant afford to live where they teach.  Oh by the way the Seattle Supreme court ruled recently that Charter schools are unconstitutional…


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