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Marion County Board of Education Suspends 2 NMHS Teachers – OVER THREE LEGGED RACE

Editors Opinion – When I started this site I wondered if it would have enough material.  I started this site because it seemed at least weekly I got something really stupid in my in box or on facebook about what schools were doing.  Still I wondered was there really this much stupidity or was I just over reacting to a few examples.   Sadly I don’t think I will run out of material anytime soon!

When I saw this one all I could thinks was FACE PALM.  Over a three legged race?  When I was in school this was part of every field day, carnival, church picnic, etc.  I really don’t have much more to say.  Wake the hell up America!  Please note while the report only says the students were “tied together” I have a direct report from a parent that this tying together was in fact for the dreaded three legged race!

Source – WBOY.COM

“The Marion County Board of Education met Monday night and the hot button issue on the agenda was the proposed suspension of two North Marion High School English teachers.

The Board of Education launched an investigation in August, after a “team building group exercise” left students with various injuries.  Emotions ran high as parents, teachers, and local unions expressed their disapproval after the Board unanimously voted to approve Superintendent Gary Price’s motion to suspend the teachers, April Gilpin and Kristin DeVaul, for one day without pay. “

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  1. Reply Tom Bloom 14/10/15

    Not only was it a three legged race for HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS BUT:
    1) They were given the options of not doing the event or just holding arms together
    2) the State Dept. of Ed. approved this activity
    3) the students and parents were informed the day before and told to wear clothes suitable for the event

    In a State that is known for the highest obesity rate, teachers have been instructed to add more movement and physical activity in their lesson plans………….This will have long reaching effects on teacher in WV….Who wants to sponsor a trip, an event, a school dance, a club……….if this is the end result.
    Yes, I have been a guidance counselor for 36 years in WV….

  2. Reply Dan 14/10/15

    Wow this is pretty crazy. That was my high school and I graduated in 97.
    I had hoped that area, being more rural, might be insulated from that type of stupidity but apparently it spreads fast and far.

  3. Reply Ed H from Ohio 14/10/15

    What bothers me is it is High School students. At their age they should be near masters of the 3 legged race. When I was younger at most I would skin my knee if I fell doing this. For the most part I would brush off my knees or get a band aide if I needed it.

    God help us the 3 legged race has been around for a long time. Probably when 2 boys said they were faster then 2 other boys even with their legs tied together and those boys probably took up the challenge to prove they were faster doing it then the other boys. Unknown years later it is still done unless it is killed in this generation.

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