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Officer attacks students at school, students suspended

This one is a little old, but I came across it while researching another incident and it was too stupid to pass up.

Here is the story.

In the video, the officer obviously accosted the first student without provocation.  I want to be crystal clear here…the officer chased down the first girl to initiate the beating.  I didn’t see any aggression from the second student before she was attacked either.  The third student, seeing two of her cousins getting assaulted by the officer, stepped in and I think threw a punch, which the officer decided to respond with baton blows to the face, resulting in 10 stitches.  Then the officer, returns to her assault of the first two girls by spraying them with pepper spray.  Loved the fact that another administrator, rather than trying to calm the situation, held one of the girls so she could be pepper sprayed.  After investigation, both the school superintendent and the police chief joined in the stupidity by upholding the suspension of the girls, and validating the officers decision to baton the third girl, respectively.  Folks, if you can help it, DONT SEND YOUR KIDS INTO SCHOOLS WHERE THEY CAN BE SUBJECTED TO BEATINGS BY SCHOOL RESOURCE OFFICERS AND THEN BE PUNISHED FOR IT.

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