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No good deed goes unpunished.

An Eighth Grader in Texas was suspended for two days for escorting an asthmatic classmate to the nurse’s office.

Here is the story

Apparently the teacher tried to help the student by sending an email, and this boy decided actual action was necessary once the student fell out of her seat onto the floor.  He helped her up, said some choice words, and helped get her to where she could receive actual medical care.  Another case of the system punishing failure to comply, regardless of the situation.  After they suspended the student, they were nice enough to call his mom and ask why he wasn’t in school.  Priceless!




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  1. Reply Ed from Ohio 16/01/25

    With Stupid stuff like this people will be unlikely to help for fear of getting in trouble. Hopefully this young Man won’t let this incident prevent him from helping someone else. A Good deed is a Good deed and should be treated as such. Instead of as a bad thing. For example if I choose to hold a door open for a Lady it is not because I think she can’t open a door. Obviously she can open a door, but it is only right to show some basic respect to a Lady or an Elder too. All a Lady or Elder has to do is just say thank you. Nothing more is needed.

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