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Violent Felons beat National Champion Harvard Debate Team

In a fight, I think we would all typically assume violent felons from New York could beat nerds from Harvard…that being said most of us wouldn’t assume those felons would also win in a debate, against the reigning national champion Harvard Debate team.

According to this story being circulated, the felons did just that earlier this year.  Ill leave you to read the linked story to get more details, what I really want to point out here is that this is a perfect example of non-standard education beating out students from what most people consider to be the most prestigious and oldest institute of higher leaning in America.

You had a group of intelligent, highly motivated criminals, who worked very hard and take pride in what they do, and they wiped the floor with the best debate team in the nation.  They have apparently also beaten debate teams from university of Vermont and West Point.  These guy have to learn the old fashioned way, without the internet.  They can request books and other reference material, but it has to be vetted by the prison staff before they can use it, a process which can take weeks.

I think this is a great example of how motivated students with a desire to learn can outperform even students with elite resumes, from a world renowned university.

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