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Editorial:Where is the money?

According to the numbers, the recession has been over for several years(questionable).  The stock market is booming, cities are growing again, and money is available at the lowest rates in the history of mankind.  So why do we keep hearing stories about budget cuts for school, districts without money, classroom sizes exploding or schools being built without things like Art or Music rooms?  When I was in school we had PE, art, Music, Second Language, Home Economics, Computer Programming, and other non standard classes as early as elementary school.  Now we are hearing that 75% of instructional time is spent on Math and Language Arts, with the majority of the other 25% on social studies and science.  These ancillary classes have been cut out completely or reduced massively across all school districts. I ask the question because there is so much chatter regarding school funding and yet money for things that would really round out early education is constantly cut.  So where is the money?  Are we so enamored with math and reading scores compared to other countries that we have ignored the creative aspects that made us great innovators for the past 150 years?  The race to the top doesn’t equate to excellence it equates to high test scores.  Last time I checked high test scores don’t create jobs, wealth, or happiness.  So what’s the point?  Increasingly it looks like the analogy of creating cogs for Big Daddy Warbucks’ machine is really the goal.

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