Student faces assult charges for throwing baby carrot

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In this bizarre story a 14 year old student is facing potential assault charges for hitting her teacher in the head with a baby carrot.  Now I don’t condone vegetable based violence, but do we really need to spend thousands of dollars of taxpayer funds to prosecute this young girl for throwing a carrot?  And she was suspended for a month?  I’m at a loss for words, what do you guys think?

HS Student’s personal info and aptitude delivered to US Military Entrance Processing Command-without parental consent.

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For years the ASVAB testing program has been administered by schools(I took it over 15 years ago) across America, only for that information to be provided to the US Military without parental consent or knowledge so that recruiters can build a profile on your children and use that information to recruit them into the military.  Here is some information provided by a listener of the Survival Podcast regarding the MANDATORY TESTING her son was made to participate in:

In a nutshell, my son’s school has been promoting College and Career Day of Testing for a couple of weeks now. An email was sent out on October 2nd that was the typical school highlights covering sports events, competitions, field trips, etc. and there was a blurb mentioning the upcoming day of testing on October 14th…MISD High School College/Career Readiness Testing Day will be Wed, Oct 14th. All students will either be involved in a testing opportunity (10th and 11th grade PSAT & 12th grade ASVAB) or a 9th grade College/Career Readiness activity.
I wasn’t worried about it since I knew my son wasn’t interested in going into the military after high school. In the past few days, and more heavily yesterday (the day before testing) more emails and then a voice message came through reminding everyone of testing specifically noting that all students were “expected” to be present at 7:25 am for testing. When I asked another parent about what test Seniors were taking and if they had to be there I was told it was the ASVAB and I immediately linked it to military recruiting, asking if the other parents knew that. The other parent actually said she was told it helped find out kids’ interests and other skills. I let her know it was specifically used for military career placement and not for any other reason.
When I kept reasearching I found out how long this has been going on (literally for decades) and that its typically kept under parental radar since social security numbers, student contact information and test scores are reported only to military recruiters. There is also a privacy statement that the students have to sign before taking the exam. Evidently some schools can choose certain options (1 though 8) to help protect students’ privacy, but our district has made no mention of any student protections through those options that are being provided.
When I pressed the Pricipal of our high school she told me that she had taken the ASVAB in high school and there was nothing wrong with it, she claimed to provide transparency with the statement noted above and that none of the testing was being done with any secrecy. When I continued to ask about why an opt-out option hadn’t been provided I didn’t get a response. When I asked if students would be penalized if they didn’t take the exam she noted that if they missed the test they would need an excused absence. What this translates to is that the absence would be unexcused (without parental help and an excuse) and if the student has 2 or more unexcused absenses they will lose their end of year exemptions from certain exams. So, basically take the test or get an unexcused absence. No other “career opportunity for testing” provided for the seniors, like an ACT or SAT prep class or a skill set development test that would help them in career fields not needed for college.
Other parents have been actively emailing the same Prinicpal, as well as other members of the school district today. We keep getting the same canned responses that the test has been given for years, there is no secret agenda and the school is getting nothing in return. But, there is no justification offered for the lack of alternatives for students who do not plan to go into the military and do not want this used as a military recruiting tool leading recruiters back to them.

This is a clear violation of Students Privacy rights, and the schools and administrators are complicit in the schemeUnclesamwantyou.

Kids get Cs for doing nothing

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th940ZUYMKHere California goes again…

Don’t pass the graduation exam, graduate anyways…don’t do any work in school, get a C anyways.  I mean seriously people, why even have school in the state of California?  Now the school board has apparently come out to say that the article isn’t entirely accurate and that a fail is still a fail and that no one gets a C for not doing anything, but my question is why are they changing it to begin with?  A student will receive  50% for not participating in class, rather than a 0%, so that they can more easily bring that up to a passing grade in the event they decide to care.

Teacher of the year resigns amid ridiculous shell game of qualifications

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thLAVJJNTEIn This hilarious story, the Alabama State 2014-15 Teacher of the year and a National Teacher of the year finalist resigns after being told that she is unqualified.  You see 21 years of education experience and both State and National certifications aren’t enough for this teacher to be able to teach 5th grade, which by the way she wasn’t hired to do.  Ann Marie Corgill joined Oliver Elementary School to teach the 2nd grade, which even by these ridiculous standards she is fully qualified for, but she was then re-assigned to the 5th grade, at which point her state certification was called into question because it is only good through 3rd grade, and the state requirements trump her National Certification for students between 7 and 12 years old(which covers 5th grade).


In her resignation letter she wrote:

“After 21 years of teaching in grades 1-6, I have no answers as to why this is a problem now, so instead of paying more fees, taking more tests, and proving once again that I am qualified to teach, I am resigning,”

I say good for Ann Marie, hopefully she can find another teaching job in an avenue that is more conducive to both her students education as well as her own frustration level.  You see even when we have great teachers, the bureaucratic red tape seems to always find a way to get in the way and force them out of the system.