‘Gender inclusive’ school district says drop ‘boys and girls,’ call kids ‘purple penguins’

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Editors Opinion – At the end of this year I will ask the readers to vote on the stupidest schoolstupidity.com story.  I think my head will explode if this one doesn’t win the prize and the reason is simple.  If anything in the next few months ends up being more completely moronic, I just think I will lose what little faith I have left that anyone in our education system has an IQ over 75!  I have nothing more to say, this level of stupidity speaks for itself.  I really had to double check to make sure this story wasn’t really something from TheOnion.com sadly though, this is a factual story.

I will only add this one statement, to the people of Lincoln Nebraska, if a single member of this school board who supported this idiocy remains in office after your next elections, you too are idiots!

Source – FoxNews.com

The fine folks who run the school system in Lincoln, Neb., are on a campaign to make their classrooms gender-inclusive. And that means teachers will no longer refer to boys and girls … as boys and girls.

“Don’t use phrases such as ‘boys and girls,’ ‘you guys,’ ‘ladies and gentlemen,’ and similarly gendered expressions to get kids’ attention,” reads a handout from the Lincoln Public Schools that was given to teachers.

The handout was part of an effort to educate teachers and administrators about transgender issues, educators told the Lincoln Journal Star.

“The agenda we’re promoting is to help all kids succeed,” Brenda Leggiardo the district’s coordinator of social workers and counselors told the newspaper. “We have kids who come to us with a whole variety of circumstances, and we need to equitably serve all kids.”

So instead of asking boys and girls to line up as boys or girls, teachers have been encouraged to segregate the children by whether they prefer skateboards or bikes, or whether they like milk or juice.

“Always ask yourself, ‘Will this configuration create a gendered space?’” the handout stated.

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5-year-old forced to sign anti-suicide, anti-homicide contract after drawing gun

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Editors Opinion – While the past record might make it seem impossible, it does appear that the intelligence of school administrators is actually continuing to degrade, possibly by the day, may be in even by the hour.  While people are focused right now on the “Ebola Alert” for a disease less likely to kill you then say being eaten by a shark, perhaps we should instead focus on a true epidemic?

Of course I am referring to the epidemic of rapidly spreading, growing and expanding stupidity among the people running our schools.  Personally if this was my child I would sue the shit out of this school district for two things.

1.  Traumatizing my child for something that was clearly not a threat or any danger to anyone.

2.  Requiring my child to sign a “unenforceable and illegal contract” specifically as a minor with no informing of the child’s guardian.

So here you go, the latest proof that devolution is just as probable as evolution…

Source Alabamas13.com

MOBILE, AL – An Alabama mother is furious that her 5-year-old daughter was forced to sign a school contract stating she wouldn’t kill herself or anyone else at school.

School officials told Rebecca, who did not want to give her last name, they had to send 5-year-old Elizabeth home after an incident in class.

“They told me she drew something that resembled a gun. According to them she pointed a crayon at another student and said ‘pew pew’,” Rebecca explained.

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Marion County Board of Education Suspends 2 NMHS Teachers – OVER THREE LEGGED RACE

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Editors Opinion – When I started this site I wondered if it would have enough material.  I started this site because it seemed at least weekly I got something really stupid in my in box or on facebook about what schools were doing.  Still I wondered was there really this much stupidity or was I just over reacting to a few examples.   Sadly I don’t think I will run out of material anytime soon!

When I saw this one all I could thinks was FACE PALM.  Over a three legged race?  When I was in school this was part of every field day, carnival, church picnic, etc.  I really don’t have much more to say.  Wake the hell up America!  Please note while the report only says the students were “tied together” I have a direct report from a parent that this tying together was in fact for the dreaded three legged race!

Source – WBOY.COM

“The Marion County Board of Education met Monday night and the hot button issue on the agenda was the proposed suspension of two North Marion High School English teachers.

The Board of Education launched an investigation in August, after a “team building group exercise” left students with various injuries.  Emotions ran high as parents, teachers, and local unions expressed their disapproval after the Board unanimously voted to approve Superintendent Gary Price’s motion to suspend the teachers, April Gilpin and Kristin DeVaul, for one day without pay. “

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Washington school district deems swings dangerous

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Editors Opinion – Can swings be dangerous?  Sure back when I was a kid my sister ran in front of some swings and got hit in the head.  These were the OLD SCHOOL thick heavy swings made of solid wood.  She ended up with a few stitches over her right eye.  Soon after in the name of safety the park changed to “modern style” swings, the soft ones  that form around your butt.  We didn’t like them as much because they were harder to jump off of when you were swinging.   The other boys and I used to have a competition, who could jump the farthest on a forward swing.

I think both parents who sue if Johnny or Susie even skin a knee are to blame here as well as our teacup educational system.  The truth is simple, getting hurt is part of being a kid.  When I was a kid I skinned knees, shoulders and elbows at least a few times a year.  I broke a bone or two as well.  You can still see a slight deformity on two fingers of my left hand from a bike wreck.  These tea cup parents and over reactive educational administrators need to understand something.  These kids have to grow up and eventually go to work, when they do likely they will be working for people like myself.

I can tell you it doesn’t work out well for them.  Right now what is happening is clear, at both the parental and educational level, children are being robbed of the right to be children.  Cuts, bumps, bruises and scrapes are part of being a kid.  This doesn’t mean we don’t put in basic common sense safety where we can, like soft floor swings for example.  It does mean we need to once again let kids experience pain and injury while they are young enough to learn from it and small enough to in generally not be truly harmed by it.  I have to say now in my 40’s some of the spills I took would be a lot more harmful today, than when I was a kid.  Childhood is about learning and exploration and on some level injuries are part of that experience.

Source – Blog.SFGate.com

“A school district in Washington state is pulling out the swings at all schools because of pressure from insurance companies over liability, according to KEPR-TV.

Richland School District has already torn out swings at some schools and they’re fast-tracking an effort to remove them all.

“As schools get modernized or renovated or as we’re doing work on the playground equipment, we’ll take out the swings, it’s just really a safety issue, swings have been determined to be the most unsafe of all the playground equipment on a playground,” Richland School District’s Steve Aagard told KEPR-TV.

Labeling swings as dangerous seems to be part of this greater movement in America to make playgrounds excessively safe. Cement is being replaced with rubber surfacing or cedar chips to soften falls. Tall towers and walls are torn down to make way for tamer, low-lying structures. See-saws and merry-go-rounds are a thing of the past.

The modern-day structures are so safe that moms and dads can comfortably talk on their cell phones while their kids run amok–yet they’re also so safe that kids get bored of the equipment by the time they reach age 7.

Children need equipment that challenges them physically and teaches them how to navigate tricky situations. If a kid never figures out how to climb down a tall ladder or hang onto a merry-go-round that’s spinning him around at 5 mph, how’s he ever going to navigate the real world? The “dangerous” situations kids encounter at playgrounds help build common sense.”

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Student Suspended for Selling Illicit “Full-Sugar” Pepsi Out of His Locker

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Editors Opinion – I am willing to be more then a case of Pepsi that this schools cafeteria serves Chocolate Milk and considers it healthy.  This is in spite of the fact that a single serving of chocolate milk in a school has a total of 4 added teaspoons of sugar.  In fact ounce for ounce chocolate milk has more sugar than Pepsi or Coke.  You can learn more about how much sugar we feed our children in flavored milk here.

So what is the solution here?  Put the decision back into parents hands.  Let kids eat and drink what they want if parents provide it do them.  They are of course the parents children, not the states, right?  The mom was right, it was a good business move!  We should ask why though.  Without the prohibition there would be no such opportunity.  There is a lesson to be learned there, a big one.

Source Reason.com

Alberta high school student Keenan Shaw was suspended for two days after he got caught selling an illicit substance from his locker at Winston Churchill his school. Weed? Nope. Booze? Nope. Acid? Nope.

Shaw says all those treats (and more) are on offer in the school’s corridors:

“I’m not going to name any names, but I know a couple of people selling marijuana, there’s kids selling smokes, there was a kid last year selling meth, as well as a kid selling acid,” said Shaw.

But his drug of choice is full-sugar Pepsi. Commerce in the sweet, sweet drink is banned at his school, which allows only diet sodas to be sold on premises.

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Fountain Hills school board fires longtime elementary teacher, Pam Aister

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Editors Opinion – Yesterday we reported on a student suspended for standing up to a bully.  Today we have a teacher fired for doing the same thing.  Yesterday’s school say that the student should “get an adult” involved.  Apparently that doesn’t work either.  The message of our modern education system seems to be bullying is bad but intervention is worse.

Source – ABC15

FOUNTAIN HILLS, AZ – A Fountain Hills elementary school teacher said she took a stand to protect a student and it ended up getting her fired.

Pam Aister said one of her fourth-grade students was being bullied with racist taunts last school year.

“He was called the n-word, ‘monkey’, and ‘coon’,” Aister said of the unidentified student before a school board meeting Friday.

The incident happened in May, when she found a group of students surrounding the boy. She was afraid they were picking on him, so she intervened.

“If you pick on him, you’re picking on me,” she said she told the students.

The students then told their parents.

Aister was accused of telling the group to “shut up,” and saying that she had “heard about” one of the perceived aggressor’s “ugly face.”

Aister denied making such statements. But the district board did not believe her, and said it could not substantiate claims of racist bullying.

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Seven-year-old punished at school for bringing in souvenir shell casing

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Editors Opinion – This is two things in all likelihood.  The first is another example of zero tolerance run a muck.  Right on par with a child suspended for a gun shaped pop tart or considering twirling a pencil making a gun threat!  The second is likely ignorance!  It is likely that the idiots running this school really do believe some how an empty piece of brass can actually pose some sort of threat.  I mean I have had box store employees tell me you can’t bring a propane tank for your grill that you are exchanging inside the store because and I shit you not, “it might blow up”.

As an NRA Member I was at one time sent a replica of a piece of 45 APC ammunition, it was a solid piece of metal with a signature of Charlton Heston engraved on it.  The keys themselves represented a greater threat than this little fob.  Yet it took 10 minutes to convince an airline security person that it wasn’t dangerous and it was okay for it to be on the plane.  Oh by the way, this was BEFORE 9-11, about 1999 if I remember correctly.  So yes likely ignorance and zero tolerance both combine on this one.

The fact is this empty piece of brass posses less of a threat to student safety then the school lunches this place feeds this kids.  This is what happens when people make rules for things they are ignorant about.

Source – Fox4KC

“NORBORNE, Mo. — Sherry Falke  said her seven-year-old son came home from school Tuesday crying hysterically. She thinks the school went overboard with a punishment her son received at s bringing in a souvenir shell casing.

“He felt it in his pocket, and he took it out and was showing some of his friends at school,” Falke explained.

She says her son Zane forgot he left the shell casing in his pocket, a souvenir he received at the 9/11 ceremony from the VFW in Carrollton, given to him and his Cub Scout group.

“The principal proceeded to reprimand him as though he were bringing live ammunition to school. I understand that’s in the policy, in the handbook, that they can’t bring guns to school, I fully support that, but it’s an empty blank casing,” Falke added.

Zane’s teacher took the shell casing, and took him to the principal’s office. Falke says they told Zane he could be suspended from school for 10 days, but instead gave him a silent lunch where he sat by himself, and missed two recesses.

“In today’s society, unfortunately, we do have to be concerned with those types of things in schools,” said Dr. Roger Feagan, the superintendent of the Norborne R-VIII School District.

He says while the shell casing is not a huge deal, the safety and security of students is their number one priority.

“Though this seems minor, if we don’t handle the minor things, they can unfortunately escalate into major things down the road,” added Dr. Feagan.”

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